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about us

DRUG international pharmaceuticals, Inc

       Drug International Ltd.(DIL,中文译为耀品国际),Is an established pharmaceutical company located in Bangladesh. Founded by Dr mm Amjad Hussain in 1980, this company is the first soft gelatin capsule producer in Bangladesh. In that era, where the whole of Bangladesh was in a poverty of economically underdeveloped situation, yepin International (short in English: DIL) ETO, a low profile low price work that has passed since its inception, contributed enormously to the health of countless Bangladeshi nationals. It is with the hearts of such a altruist nation's businesses that yepin International (short title in English: DIL) in 1997 became Bangladesh's third largest producer of drug substances, long ranked on top of Bangladesh's renowned pharmaceutical company list, and one of the partner groups of Novartis pharmaceuticals, the world's three largest pharmaceutical enterprises. Besides pharmaceutical business, Yao Ping International (abbreviated in English: DIL) also has an anticancer drug development center and Khwaja Yunus Ali hospital under its auspices. Currently operating in 14 countries worldwide, with product lines ranging from medical devices to various classes of druggable, and currently having 500 drug products.

  There are currently three large pharmaceutical plants owned by Yao Ping International (short title in English: DIL), which are International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (monoyuan one), as well as International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (unit two) and International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (monoyuan three). The plant uses a state-of-the-art automated system that guarantees efficient and safe production, while also providing a stringent security system. There are more than a dozen new products under the flag, including ten first generics worldwide, such as afatinib, acatinib, loratinib, larotinib, lucomitinib, and trogliptin. At present, for the sale of unified three plants, the Yao Ping International (abbreviated in English: DIL) specially founded Sales Company dawn Pharmaceutical Ltd, pharmaceutical sales a long, guaranteed a low price, but also provided many convenience to consumers.
Yao Ping International (short title in English: DIL) will place new drugs on the market in the future including nearly 20 market tight products such as lenatinib neratinib, a move that is expected to modulate the price of similar drugs on the market by modulating supply and demand to do the true diuretics. At the same time, there are exclusive news that Yao Ping International (short title in English: DIL) will also introduce some global first generic drugs, but it is still in the R & D confidentiality stage, and the specific product name and class are unknown. If this project were successfully launched, it would be a major change in the current market for similar drug products.

        More notably, Yao Ping International (short title in English: DIL) is a Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company with a U.S. FDA certificate of accreditation. FDA is short for food and drug administration. Which is the international medical audit authority, authorized by the US Congress, i.e., the federal government, with the highest enforcement authority specializing in food and drug administration; Is a surveillance body for government health controls that aims to protect, promote and improve national health, composed of professionals such as physicians, lawyer, microbiologists, pharmacologists, chemists and statisticians. Many other countries promote and monitor the safety of their own products by seeking and receiving help from the FDA, and Bangladesh is one of them.


Since 1990, the US FDA has been working closely with international organizations such as ISO organizations to continually promote a chain of innovation measures. Especially in the field of food and drug, FDA certification becomes the highest testing standard for food and drug in the world. Recognized by the World Health Organization as the highest food safety standard.
And the assays declared by Yeping International (abbreviated in English: DIL) in Bangladesh are those that FDA agencies have monitored for 2-30 thousand people for 3-7 years after using the product in humans for 143 key sites, and this series of assays fully passed the eligibility criteria after karyophering the FDA certificate of certification. As the highest honor and guarantee of product quality, having an FDA certification certificate, i.e., representing the product quality of Yao Ping International (abbreviated in English: DIL) has passed the diamond shield in the hearts of global food and drug consumers.


      In addition to this, DRUG International (short title in English: DIL) has been successfully registered in Shanghai and will market dozens of fruitful health products in China and gradually approach the Chinese market. Believe that holding the heart of a professionally dedicated, altruistic nation with chizi International (abbreviated in English: DIL), in the future it will be possible to develop more medicinal products for the benefit of the world's people and leap to a higher future!