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More options for Bengali tofacitinib, DRUG international pharmaceuticals!

来源         发布时间:2020-10-27
Tofacitinib from bangladeship international pharmaceuticals has two specifications, 5 MG-60 tablets / box and 11 mg-30 tablets / box, which correspond to November 2012, when the US FDA approved tofacitinib for the treatment of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The approved dose of tofacitinib was 5 mg twice daily. And February 2016, the US FDA again approved the new dosage form sustained-release tablets of tofacitinib to be marketed, unlike the former, which is more convenient to take, changing from 2 tablets on 1 to 1 tablet on 1, and the dosage changed from 5mg to 11mg.
As a JAK inhibitor, tofacitinib can effectively inhibit the activity of Jak1 and JAK3 and block the signal transduction of multiple inflammatory cytokines. Several studies have demonstrated favorable therapeutic effects of tofacitinib in several inflammation related diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and psoriasis.
In addition to that, tofacitinib is also effective for vitiligo.
A clinical case report of vitiligo, published in JAMA dermatol journal, was CO produced by Brittany g, craiglow and Dr Brett A. king. The patient is a woman in her 50s. She had been suffering from vitiligo for more than a year and the white patches on her body had spread over her body, especially on her face and hands where the vitiligo symptoms had made her very anxious. She had used prednisone glucocorticoids, an immunosuppressive agent such as tacrolimus, and ultraviolet therapy, but none of these treatments controlled the worsening of her vitiligo symptoms. Improvement was noted on the forehead as well as on the back of the hands after 5 months of tofacitinib treatment.
Explanations are given in the article, because vitiligo pathogenesis largely follows immune dysregulation, and rheumatoid arthritis generally results from immune dysregulation, there is concordance between the two conditions.
Therapeutic advantages of tofacitinib
Compared with other drugs for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, tofacitinib has the advantage of:
1) As a selective inhibitor of JAKs, which regulate the autoimmunity of cells by modulating the type I / II cytokine receptor-mediated JAK / stats signaling pathway with good selectivity for autoimmune diseases;
2) As a small molecule compound, it is orally administrated, convenient for patients' medication, and avoids adverse reactions such as skin irritation from injection and administration;
3) Administration of a single agent or a combination of Nonbiologic agents such as methotrexate, with definitive efficacy.
Yao Ping international pharmaceutical tofacitinib usage
The recommended dose of tocit tofacitinib tablets is 5 mg in 2 daily doses of 1 tablet each.
The recommended dose of tocit XR tofacitinib extended release tablets is 11 mg once daily in 1 tablet per dose.
Tablets may or may not be crushed, split, or chewed with food.
Yao Ping international pharmaceutical tofacitinib dosage form specifications
Tocit tofacitinib tablets: 5 mg, 60 tablets per box (1 box 1 month dose)
Tocit XR tofacitinib extended release tablets: 11 mg, 30 tablets per box (1 box 1 month dose)
Side effects of tofacitinib
Dehydration, insomnia, cough, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, rash, fatigue, leukopenia, elevated liver function, elevated blood lipids, etc., were generally tolerable. Common adverse reactions in clinical trials were upper respiratory tract infections, headache, diarrhea, and inflammatory reactions in the nasal cavity and upper pharynx.
As an oral drug, tofacitinib prodrug costs are still around 10 000 RMB per month. But the tocit brand tofacitinib generic from Meng Jiala Yao product international pharmaceuticals, makes the daily medication cost only 8% of the original study drug. Because of its strong pharmaceutical capabilities, and the availability of sales networks covering 14 countries worldwide, it is also priced slightly less than its Bangladeshi counterparts, allowing non shallow access to patients in 14 countries worldwide.
Generics, which are fully congruent in active ingredients, route of administration, dosage form dosage, conditions of use, and bioequivalence with the original drug, are clinically substitutable for each other but are much less expensive than the original drug or even only one percent of the original drug.
The launch of Yao Ping international tocit tofacitinib generics, which allow more patients to eat and treat their illness, will undoubtedly benefit patients from the common family with several inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and psoriasis.