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Note: before purchasing and taking medicines, a hospital genetic test report and a doctor's diagnosis report or certificate must be produced
Olaparib olaparib / olaparib is a poly (ADP ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor indicated for the treatment of:
(1) Ovarian cancer:
a. Maintenance therapy in ad-ult patients with recurrent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer who have a complete or partial response to platinum based chemotherapy.
b. For the treatment of ad-ult patients with advanced ovarian cancer with a deleterious or suspected deleterious germline BRCA mutation (gbrcam) who have received 3 or more prior chemotherapies. Patients were selected for treatment on the basis of an FDA approved companion diagnostic for olaparib.
(2) Breast cancer:
The agents in this are intended for use in patients with gbrcam deleterious or suspected deleterious, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) - negative metastatic breast cancer who have previously received chemotherapy in the neoadjuvant, adjuvant, or metastatic setting. Patients with hormone receptor (HR) - positive breast cancer should have been treated with current endocrine therapies or deemed inappropriate to treat with endocrine therapy. Patients were selected for treatment on the basis of an FDA approved companion diagnostic for olaparib.
 the recommended dose is 400 mg twice daily.
(2) continue treatment until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity.
Cdose response to adverse reactions, consider treatment dose interruption or dose reduction.
 myelodysplastic syndrome / acute myeloid leukemia: occurring in patients exposed to lynparza (MDS / AML), while some cases are fatal. Patients were monitored for hematologic toxicity at baseline and monthly thereafter. As confirmed MDS / AML terminated.
(2) pneumonia: occurs in patients exposed to lynparza and some cases are lethal. Treatment was interrupted as pneumonia was suspected. Terminated when confirmed.
Cdmbryonic fetal toxicity: lynparza is fetotoxic. Counsel females of childbearing potential hazards to the fetus and avoidance of pregnancy.
Adverse effects
(the most common adverse reactions (≥ 20%) in clinical trials were anemia, nausea, fatigue (including fatigue), vomiting, diarrhea, dysgeusia, dyspepsia, headache, decreased appetite, nasopharyngitis / Pharyngitis / URI, cough, arthralgia / musculoskeletal pain, myalgia, back pain, dermatitis / rash, and abdominal pain / discomfort.
(the most common laboratory abnormalities (≥ 25%) are increased creatinine, elevated mean corpuscular volume, decreased hemoglobin, lymphopenia, decreased neutrophil count, and decreased platelets.
Drug drug interactions
 CYP3A inhibitors: avoid concomitant use of strong and moderate CYP3A inhibitors. If an inhibitor cannot be avoided, reduce the dose.
 CYP3A inducers: avoid concomitant use of strong and moderate CYP3A inducers. Such as moderate CYP3A inducers cannot be avoided and are recognized to diminish the efficacy potential.

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