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Megestrol Acetate USP



Megestrol Acetate USP

Note: before purchasing and taking medicines, a hospital genetic test report and a doctor's diagnosis report or certificate must be produced

Megestrol acetate is indicated for palliative treatment of advanced breast or endometrial cancer (i.e., recurrent, inoperable, or metastatic disease). It should not be used in place of currently accepted surgery such as surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. It is also indicated for the treatment of anorexia, cachexia or weight loss secondary to metastatic cancer.
160 mg / day (160 mg once daily).
Endometrial cancer: in divided doses of 40 to 320 mg / day (40 to 80 mg one to four times daily or one to two 160 mg tablets daily).
Continuous treatment for at least 2 months is considered an appropriate period to determine the efficacy of megestrol acetate.
Cachexia: 400 to 800 mg / day.

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