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Recombinant Human Erythropoietin



Note: before purchasing and taking medicines, a hospital genetic test report and a doctor's diagnosis report or certificate must be produced

[indications / efficacy] dialysis for chronic renal failure, and anemia in patients with chronic renal insufficiency not yet requiring dialysis.

[dosage] lyophilized powder can be used subcutaneously or intravenously after dissolving.
① Doses (per dose and weekly): the treatment goal is to increase the haematocrit between 30-35%, with a minimum average weekly increase of 0.5% and a maximum level that cannot exceed 35%. In the presence of hypertension or cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular or terminal slightly vascular conditions, the weekly step-up and target levels should be determined by individual status. For some patients, the ideal level may be less than 30%.
The haematopoietin treatment regimen consists of two steps:
a. Treatment period: the highest dose may not exceed 720 IU / kg body weight per week. Subcutaneous injections: starting with a therapeutic dose of 3 weekly × 20 IU / kg body weight. Suboptimal increases in haematocrit (less than 0 · 5 vol per week increase), as found, could be explained by dose escalation after every 4 weeks33 × 20 IU / kg bw / week. It is also possible to split the weekly dose into daily doses. Intravenous: starting at a therapeutic dose of 33 weekly × 40 IU / kg body weight. If the increase in blood cells was found to be suboptimal (less than 0.5 vol% increase per week), the dose could be increased to 3 after 4 weeks × 80 IU / kg bw / week. Months with an additional 3 × 20 IU / kg bw / week.
b. Maintenance phase: to achieve a maintenance hematocrit between 30 vol% - 35 vol%, first reduce the dose to half the dose during the treatment phase and then adjust the dose weekly or biweekly. The clinical observations made in children show, on average, that the younger the patient, the higher the maintenance dose of haematopoietin, however, as individual patients respond differently and are difficult to estimate, the drug should be administered at the recommended dose.
② Course haemopoietins are generally used for long-term treatment, but the course can be terminated at any time if necessary.
③ The fasudil should be used under careful monitoring and guidance of medical staff. Since cases of anaphylaxis have been identified, it is recommended that the first administration should be under the supervision of medical personnel. Haematopoietin is supplied as a lyophilized powder stored in a vial. Dissolve the Hematinics in the attached solvent when using, but should be used immediately (within 2 hours). Before use, determine that the solution should be colorless and particle free, clear or slightly creamy, and square ready to use. The remaining drug should be discarded. This drug solution can be used for subcutaneous or intravenous injection. The intravenous injection should be completed in approximately 2 min. For example, it is infused via an arteriovenous fistula at the end segment of the dialysis process. Non dialysis patients should be managed with subcutaneous injections to avoid stabbing the peripheral vein.
④ Important cooperation contraindications: attention to the following cues to avoid causing incompatibility or affecting activity; Never use other solvents; Never use in combination with other drugs; Never use glass injection appliances, and plastic products should be used.
【 notes 】
1 normal people, such as mistakenly used (e.g. used as a stimulant drug), may cause excessive cell specific volume, thus causing various fatal cardiovascular systems and morbidity;
2 Pediatrics use of haematopoietin has not accumulated enough experience, under 2 years of age in children temporarily not applicable to haematopoietin, patients with malignant tumours, epilepsy, thrombus plug, chronic liver failure, use of haematopoietin should be cautious;
3 folate or vitamin B12 insuf fi ciency, reduces the EF fi cacy of the hemopoietins. Severe aluminum excess can also affect the efficacy of sanguinarine;
4 for non dialysis nephrosclerosis, the use of haematogens should be seen by the individual, and the possibility of accelerated renal failure cannot be excluded. Serum potassium and phosphate must be monitored in timed fashion, and very few patients with urosepsis have had hyperkalaemia after the administration of haematogens, but their causality cannot be established. Discontinuation of haemopoietin should be considered to halt return to normal levels if high potassium is found;
5 although animal experiments have not shown that rocuman causes teratogenesis, the use of this drug is not advocated in pregnancy and lactation.
[storage / expiry date] store at 2-8 ° C and if shipped refrigerated such as suffer, the time may not exceed 5 days and the temperature may not exceed 25 ° C.

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